The mobile research facility Cool – Research on the Move allows you to conduct research on the quality of fresh products anywhere in the world. It is the ideal way to gain insight into the quality of your products and optimise the storage process, reducing food waste and making the most of export opportunities. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research and Fotein have brought together state-of-the-art knowledge and technology to create this unique facility for your convenience.

Quality control

Cool – Research on the Move means you can guarantee the quality and shelf life of your products. Your own people, trained by experts from Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, can use Cool to decide the best moment for harvesting, the optimal storage conditions and the best transport methods. The data provided will enable you to make informed decisions which reduce postharvest losses and generate more added value for your product. This will in turn strengthen your company’s international market position. More information

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On the move

360 view of the facility

Hightech container

From the outside, the mobile research facility looks like a normal reefer container. Inside, however, is a high-tech research area equipped with no fewer than 10 climate-controlled spaces (for some 80 kg of fresh product per space) and modern measurement & monitoring equipment. The temperature, humidity and oxygen & carbon dioxide content can be regulated separately in each climatic chamber. More information

Years of experience

COOL – Research on the Move is the result of a close partnership between Wageningen Food & Biobased Research and Fotein, a specialist in controlled atmosphere technology. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research has been carrying out research into the quality of fresh vegetables, fruit and cut flowers for more than 80 years, achieving many improvements throughout the chain – from harvest, storage and transport to presentation in the supermarket. The CA Technology Group provides equipment for the conditioning of storage facilities for fruits and vegetables of any size throughout the world. Fotein is a subsidiary of The CA Technology Group


Would you like to have closer control over the quality and shelf life of your fresh produce as soon as possible? Let’s get started! Cool – Research on the Move is available immediately via a sale and lease contract. This will place unrivalled knowledge and technology at your disposal in a relatively fast and affordable way. Conducting accurate research will let you deliver fresh products of better quality that can be sold to new market players at higher prices. Your initial investment will be repaid within a few years. Please contact one of the experts below if you have any questions.  

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